Changes To Stop Derailing The Move Forward

We are quickly approaching the end of the year, which typically accompanies the start of creating resolutions. Changes that will improve our lives in the upcoming year are written in journals, spoken amongst friends, or posted on social media accounts. It is that upcoming start date that allows us to continue the same pattern with the reassurance that soon we will put in the work.

Plan Less and Do More

Listing the pros and cons of a situation can help the process of figuring out how to deal with the tasks at hand. For some the negative outcomes tend to over power the potentially positive ones. The inspiration for this topic stems from the fact that I am among the population of nay sayers when it comes to pressing that “Do It” button. What ifs can take a turn down the pessimistic side very easily. Slowly but surely we can stop from traveling the road of avoidance and fear by providing a positive “what if” to replace the thoughts holding us back.

“What if my business grows” instead of “What if my business fails.”

“What if I improve my health” instead of “What if after all this work I do not shed a single pound.”

Start Today Instead of Starting Tomorrow

One of the phrases I have come to rely on heavily is “I will start tomorrow”. The promise of another opportunity to make the changes I am certain I want to make is the best security blanket. The truth (and I am aware of this truth) is that the fear of failure keeps me from taking the plunge. We all at some point in our lives convince ourselves that tomorrow is a new day but if there is anything 2020 should have taught us is to believe wholeheartedly that tomorrow is never promised.

Take Small Steps Instead of Diving Completely In

When I decided to turn a DIY past time into a business venture the thought quickly became overwhelming and one that I have sat on for a year. On the exact anniversary of the birth of this idea I began taking the steps to make it a reality. I wrote out a business plan based on templates found on Pinterest. Slowly I bulked up on supplies keeping track of the cost. I researched accounting software and the best small business banking options. Today I am developing my launch plan. Once that plan has been made I will press that start button. Without given myself a specific start date I am emphasizing the “start now” instead of resting on the “start on ?”.

These techniques take practice and patience but you are worth it and so are your goals.

Today I am grateful for the sunrise, my ability to step outside and enjoy the brisk morning air, the idea that there is a bigger plan for me and that I have the power to get there, and family. I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend. What are you grateful for?

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