Birthday Edition

I have skipped my usual Friday afternoon schedule to celebrate with all of you. Because today is my BIRTHDAY and I am celebrating 2020 pandemic style! Like the majority of the world this year my birthday will be celebrated at home with my immediate family of 3. For my son’s (Christmas Eve baby) birthday plans I have turned to my trusted friend Google for some virtual ideas to get the rest of crew in the mix.

Virtual Games

There are a slew of gaming options to be enjoyed via zoom or another video chat platform. Options range from murder mystery packages to classic board games. This year I am considering a virtual escape room to get some much needed “face time” with those we hold near and dear.

Dance Party

Many radio stations have streaming options on their website that connects you directly to a DJ’s live jam session. Snag those strobe lights from amazon to get that extra club vibe. Another option is to make good use of those at home sound systems and pump up the volume! *Disclaimer – Be mindful of neighbors not down to party.

Movie Night

Host a virtual movie night through one of your favorite services like Netflix or Amazon Prime. You can share your screen and some laughs with as many family and friends as your zoom account allows.

Learn Something New

Book a virtual lesson with a chef, artist, or expert in the area of your choice. On the internet the options are limitless. Wine tasting, mixology, beer brewing (you see a pattern here?) LOL! I recently participated in a paint and sip and it was a ton of fun.

No matter how you have decided to spend your special day or the holidays remember to take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of others!

Today I am grateful for another year to live my best life, the love of everyone in my life, and promises of a better tomorrow. Remembering every challenge we face is placed in front of us to build our strengths. What are you grateful for today?

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