Hello 2021 – You Are Not Quite What We Expected

The year 2020 will live on in infamy. So many of us longed for the end of the year that saw a world pandemic, destructive fires, 23 tropical storms, and political turmoil. And me like so many hoped that at the stroke of midnight 2021 all would be over. The reality is we have a long way to go. There is still so much work to be done. The tricky part is not to dwell on how hard times are now and may continue to be. Now is the time to plan and make changes for the greater good.

Save But Also Live Your Best Life

Rainy days are upon us so making sure to have a cushion in your account is important. Cut the things you know you can live without or that you have not used in the past 3 months. By the same token you have to live. Tomorrow is never promised so do not shy away from doing what makes you happy. Just remember to have it all in moderation.

Stay In The Know But Also Quiet The Noise

News and social media outlets are riddled with updates on all current events and its important to know what is going on outside our homes. As anxiety inducing as it is to hear all the turmoil going on, preparation is the best defense and knowledge is truly power. Also remember to keep up with your local news. Don’t be the last in your town to find out your favorite Thursday night take-out restaurant is closing (trust me it only makes the end that much more painful). So after finding out where to line up for your Covid vaccine (if that is your chosen route), be aware of the point when you need to bask in the quiet.

Tuning out a few hours a day (especially before bed) is ideal in managing the anxiety the problems the world is currently facing can bring on. Find fun mindless TV to watch, or read the book that has been sitting on your coffee table for the past few months or years. Take a mental break and remind yourself it will be okay and you will be okay.

Stay Safe But Also Get Out

For 10 months we have been staying home. We are not out of the woods therefore it is a must to stay home for the most part, but we also need to experience the outdoors. Take precautions but take a trip to the store, take a long drive, or a long walk. Look for less populated routes or off-peak times to head out. Do all the things experts have urged us all to do to stay safe.

Make Plans But Leave Room For Changes

Many travel sites and companies are still taking it easy on the penalties for cancelling or changing bookings. Take advantage of these opportunities and plan a getaway. The uncertainty of these times makes travel seem far fetched and not worth the risk. Luckily planning is completely safe and if you read all the fine print you will be sure not to lose any money.

As all eyes are glued to our TVs as we watch the 46th President and the first female Vice-President get sworn into office, our nation is filled with hope. Allow that hope to carry over to your life and plan for a better tomorrow despite how long it takes.

I am grateful for democracy, for a chance to make today worthwhile, family, and the strength to cope with any challenge thrown my way. What are you grateful for?

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