Happy almost Galetine & Valentine’s Day! It’s the time of year that everyone shows appreciation for all they hold near and dear. Take the day to think about aspects of love that are most important. In these uncertain times showing the people in your lives how much you adore them has become even more crucial. Without warning it has been proven that tomorrow is never promised and we must live for today. That is why I try to show the people in my lives how much I care on a daily basis. This has not been as easy since we are still battling an epidemic but any effort speaks volumes. Since this weekend’s festivities will look a lot different this year, let’s discuss some G-day / V-day tips.

To All The Gal Pals I Have Ever Loved

The ups, downs, and all around curves life has thrown my way would not have been manageable without the strong and brilliant ladies in my life. They continue to teach, inspire, and heal in various ways, and it is my hope that I do the same for them. To show appreciation to the Galentines in your life send a personal token of your appreciation, coordinate a zoom party, or just pick up the phone and give them a call. Although the winter in many parts of the US has not made this possible, try to make plans outdoors. Time outdoors will help up your Vitamin D game and bring your mind to a Zen place.

Romantic Gestures

On Valentine’s day take some tips learned from your multiple views of the Bridgerton series (I know I’m not alone on that one) and show your special someone just how much you “burn for them”. For all you love birds together for quite a few years, take a drive down memory lane. Map out all the places special to your relationship and pass by while reminiscing on where it all began. Stay in for dinner and prepare each other’s favorite foods, and for dessert implement some interactive games (for example shot gloss roulette, guess the dessert). And In lieu of a date at the movies plan a picnic style movie night with all the classic theatre snacks.

Today I am thankful for all the love in my life, the love I have to give, and the opportunity each day to expand on my knowledge of the meaning of love.

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