Seasonal Changes on the Body & Mind

Tomorrow we spring ahead and a week later we officially enter the Spring season. Our bodies prepare to end the need to hibernate with the loss of an hour (in most states), and we long for outdoor plans. With the seemingly successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine it appears there will be little to no restrictions on gatherings and travel as the warmer seasons approach. In addition to pandemic precautions, we all will face adjustments within our body and mind.

Time Change

Days leading to the time change I have noticed I am waking up close to an hour earlier. Is that my internal clock preparing for the jump? Not entirely. Hints of the sun gleam through the window earlier than in the deeper parts of winter alerting us to stir awake. If you are in need of another half hour be sure to close your blinds or invest in blackout curtains to block the early rising of the sun. The release of hormones are also effected by the change in time. Some people experience headaches which can be alleviated by making sure you are getting enough sleep. The key to stability in the body and mind when we fall back or spring ahead is to maintain your typical schedule as much as possible.

Fall & Winter

The cooler of the seasons are great for cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and promoting extra sleep. Our bodies tend to slow down and the holidays give us the green light to indulge. As we receive less exposure to the sun it is important to soak it up when possible. Our bodies need that natural Vitamin D and the boost it provides to our mood. Creating a workout schedule that can be implemented despite the weather outside being frightful is important for those sleep schedules and keeping the mind active.

Spring & Summer

In the warmer times of the year the sun is around more to help alleviate the winter blues. The signs can already be seen with the growth of grassy lawns and the budding of new plant buds. These two seasons always make me long for change. The call to the outdoors gets our bodies moving and mind racing. Try not to add more to your to do list with this built up energy but instead use the momentum to revive or revise your routine.

New beginnings look and feel amazing right outside the window and my first thoughts are about a healthier body and mind. This particular year as we maneuver through life in a pandemic I am thinking about ways I can make good use of this blessed life. Goal setting is an ideal activity just remember to use those SMART methods for the best laid out plan.

Today I am grateful to be a part of different communities; improvements I have made in my health; and beginnings, endings, and all the in betweens.

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