Creating A Routine

The many tasks we have to get done each day can be daunting. Take those post-its with all your to-dos and build a solid routine. All it takes is bit of time, organization, and openness.

Be Specific

Make the largest of chores simple by breaking them down into steps. In some cases one goal can be achieved by the end of the week, month, season, or year making the process less hectic and more enjoyable. Once you have broken them down schedule them in your calendar making them a part of your morning, afternoon, or night time routine. One of my every days that is now a part of my google calendar is laundry. Since working from home for the past year laundry has become the bane of my daily existence. To break it up I do two loads in the morning right after my cup of coffee or matcha latte every other day. By the end of the week my family’s hamper is completely empty.

Be Realistic

No one knows your schedule better than you and your time is important. Do your best not to overbook yourself. Be mindful about each item that goes into your calendar. Consider if the task at hand would go smoother with help. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Not everything has to be handled solely by you.

Be Flexible

You may find your first attempt at organizing the items on your routine a lot of work. This too can be a process that will take time and revising. Leave room for adjustments and no room for judgement. Mindfulness is a practice that can improve your outlook on any situation. So put some thought into it.

Today I am grateful for my schedule, the many things that have inspired me, and the promise of the light that shines within me.

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