Living to Work vs. Working to Live

I am a little late to the Emily in Paris party, but I have to attribute a few learned lessons to the Netfilx series which is confirmed for another season. Woohoo! One of the most important has been affirmed by the past year’s events forcing the world to remain primarily at home. The comment made to Emily when she first reports for duty at the boutique marketing firm, is that Americans have it all wrong because they live to work while Parisians work to live. I had to pause the show after that statement and think of my actions. Taking stock of the number of hours I work versus the number of hours I enjoy my environment and everyone in it, I concluded I am definitely American. LOL But every day is a chance to learn, improve, and change. Here are some tips on transitioning from a live-to-work life over to a work-to-live lifestyle.

Mind Your Schedule

If you work a 9-to-5 make sure to complete the most necessary of tasks between that time frame and leave the less pressing matters for the next day. Overtime is often not paid or appreciated, so unless it is absolutely necessary clock out and spend the rest of the 16 hours left to engage in activities that promote your growth and well-being. For business owners an 8 hour work day is not often feasible, but incorporating multiple breaks throughout the day adds up. Leave room in schedule for the unplanned but when possible unplug and enjoy your environment.

Embrace Your Environment

Another observation Emily’s new coworkers and friends continuously bring to her attention is just how “touristy” she looks. She has chosen to take a position in Paris but has not truly made an effort to embrace the Parisian way of life. Many of us get so consumed with work and various responsibilities that we have not taken the time to immerse ourselves in our environment. I was born and primarily raise in Brooklyn, New York, the later half of my life has been in New Jersey, but ask me if I have ever been to the Empire State Building, or visited less than a handful of Jersey’s beautiful parks? There are so many fun and accessible places to make memories and truly embrace our environment within the states we live in that most have yet to try exploring.

Do What You Love

Finding a career path that allows you to be financially secure while spending time doing activities you truly love is hard but not out of a reach. Countless influencers, entrepreneurs, business tycoons, and professionals have proven it is possible. The scariest part is getting started. Push those fears aside and work toward leaving behind the work that consumes your every being. Leave room for that class you have always wanted to teach, that book you have always wanted to write, and that business you have always wanted to build.

Find Your Balance

There are many who love the thrill of beating a tight deadline, snagging that new client, or out earning their colleagues. And for them that is their life’s purpose. The important aspect to remember is that the actions we take are our decisions and our decisions alone. We need to determine the balance that works best for our health and the stamp we want to leave in the world as well as with the people in our lives.

Netflix’s Emily In Paris – clip from v i k’s YouTube Channel

Emily believed that obtaining that new client, increasing their revenue, and ensuring the success of a brand is what mattered most. But that was until she was exposed to another way of life. To create a balance and truly define what matters most to you, it is important to learn and experience different perspectives. Becoming an adult does not mean you need to put away childish things completely, it only means you have to make some tweaks.

Today I am grateful for the many state parks in New Jersey I will explore this Spring and Summer, the friends and family I will enjoy them with, and the ability to make changes so that I can work to live.

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