Mental Health Awareness: Present Mindset

The other night I tossed and turned while struggling to quiet my mind. Usually a few minutes of listening to some ASMR inspired skit or nature sounds, (thank you Whil app), will easily lull me back to sleep but nothing seemed to work. I got out of bed, sat down at my desk, and began to write. Before I knew it the thoughts that were running through the back of my mind were down on paper. As I read back all that I had written down I realized I was worried about adjusting back to commuting and working in the office. Instead of resting, my mind was dwelling on the future. A future that in reality is uncertain since the company I work for has yet to decide on a return date or what that return will look like. So it was at 3:30am that I was reminded of the importance of living in the moment instead of focusing on the past or future.

Learn From The Past And Move On

Thinking about past experiences has its benefits. We are less likely to repeat history if we take with us the lessons learned. Our past is what helps to shape us as individuals and can give us a sense of how we have come to arrive in our current position. On the other hand too much thought about the past can prevent us from moving on and from truly living mindfully. Regrets are not avoidable but they should be no more than a fleeting thought. Take that moment to rethink a choice, an action, a relationship that lasted a month too long, but in 1 2 3 4 5, let it go (thank you Mel Robbins). Move on to what is going on right now.

My Mini library which includes Mel Robbins “The 5 Second Rule”

Plan, Prepare, And Leave Room For Detours

The one of many things I have learned from the past year is that the future is uncertain. The year 2020 was going to be my time to explore my education and focus on a career change. Well thank you Mr. Pandemic for derailing that plan and for giving me the time to reanalyze my direction. Although I planned for a particular type of change it was clear that I was not quite ready for it. I took another approach to changing my path and started a small business tied to my blog. There is so much to learn about marketing, product development, and my customers. Thinking about the future of my business is anxiety producing so instead of worrying about whether I will meet my ultimate goals, I am focusing on what I can currently work on. This mindfulness mindset leads me to the importance of a present mindset.

Remaining Presently Mindful

Focusing on what is happening in the here and now is incredibly challenging. In our last years of high school we are all conditioned to not only picture our future but to begin working toward it. Although most cannot say with certainty what their future will look like, we are pushed toward selecting a college and major because it is the “adult” thing to do. I am all for planning but I have learned over the years the importance of living in the moment. The college selection process may not have been as stressful if I had the opportunity to spend some time involved in the career path I was considering at the time. Perhaps if I learned to focus on the things going on in my junior or senior year I would have had a better idea of what path to take instead of investing in job simply because it pays the bills. There I go living in the past. LOL

As I shift my mind back to the present I am enjoying the time to write this post, the skill share courses I am taking, and the ingredients I am ordering for my next product launch. Each of these things are happening in the moment and are things that allow me to let go of my past and will take me a step further into my desired future.

Today I am grateful for the sleep that eventually found me, today’s meditation practice, and the time spent with family.

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