Transitioning Toward A Post-Pandemic Life

Many state officials are taking strides to fully reopen the country. Some are moving gradually while others are ripping off the band aid. Either way the release of Covid-19 vaccines has prompted a move toward a return to life before the pandemic. After a year of adjusting to work from home life, social distancing, mask wearing, and for some a new found appreciation for solitude we are getting closer to a point for yet another change in our routines. For me it took about half the year to become accustomed to primarily staying home so before the company I work for announces a plan to return to the office I am mentally and physically getting ready.

Prep For The Office

My anxiety about leaving the comfort and security of my home is at an all time high. To ease the tension I have stepped up my mindfulness training and have incorporated some techniques that I can carry with me to the office. Before logging on I complete a 5-10 minute guided meditation. I typically use a program from the Whil app that involves strengthening my focus. This particular new habit will be the first thing I do before catching the bus to New York City where my office is located.

Another tip is to bring some of the comfort of your home office into your work office. My last day in the office I brought home my palo santo candle and my orchid to help duplicate my work environment at home. Now that they are staples in my home, I will bring them back to the office.

We can all agree our home office attire cannot be beat and unfortunately for most of us cannot be transitioned into work wear. So to prepare I have begun swapping yoga pants for business attire. I started with my favorite and most comfortable outfit and will gradually work my way back to heels.

Get Social

For a year we were told the importance of social distancing to protect our loved ones and ourselves. Although the powers that be have given the green light for us to come together again, the idea is still a little troublesome. Instead of waiting for that return date to resume my social activities, I am making plans with one or two close family and friends to prepare. If you are not ready for an indoor outing the weather is ideal to meet up for a walk or coffee at an outdoor café.

Focus On What You Have Missed

Instead of thinking about all the negative things that could happen once you renter society, think about all the things you have missed. Get excited to see the people who always knew how to make you laugh, who had the best ear, or who was great at pushing you to go hard in your favorite group class. Think about the places you would go for a boost of energy, a good time, or to relieve some stress. Now those places are fully open with little to no restrictions. Although it is important to continue to be cautious it is also time to get back to enjoying the little things in life.

Remember What The Past Year Has Taught Us

Life is unpredictable and full of ups and downs. In the beginning of quarantine/lockdown all many of us could think about was how different life would be going forward. And if you were like me, you thought about all the things you hoped to get done that during this time I was unable to work on. Now that we are heading back write down all the things you hope to achieve and tackle them without fear. Nothing can compare to the fear felt over the past year, so channel the strength you used to get through it and work toward a life of personal fulfilment.

Remember to give yourself a break and resume life at your pace to the best of your ability. Push through your fears because they are only limiting thoughts that you have the tools to move past.

Today I am grateful for the ability to adapt to change, to learn from my experiences, and each opportunity to live my well-balanced life.

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