Want To Be Successful? Be An Outlier

The process of categorizing is a habit that occurs without thought. As babies we are taught there is a place for everything and everything should be in its place. With the world and society as a whole working to rebuild itself the act of classifying people, places, and things is also being reevaluated. The notion that greatness is defined by your status will one day be a thought of the past. So how you describe yourself or the way others describe you will be considered inconsequential, leaving us all with the task of learning how to present the greatness residing within.

Most Likely To Succeed

And the title goes to…

Typically the most popular, athletic, attractive, and funniest person in the class. Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s book on the story of success “Outliers” I now have a different perspective on who is most likely to succeed. The odds of an individual achieving greatness relies on more than just natural abilities, skills, or talent. Another crucial component is opportunity, luck, and lots of practice. One of my favorite examples from the book are of the great tech and finance geniuses, who undoubtedly were blessed with super brains, but they were also blessed with the resources and time to fine tune their crafts with a minimal 10,000 hours of practice. The key is to discover what area you wish to excel at when you are young and then dedicate every waking moment to its mastery.

Spread The Word

The next generation is going to be left with such a mess of a world, it is important for those who have the keys to success to share the details. This comes in the form of training beginning at birth. Teach the future to pay attention to their world, that education is a never-ending process, and to use their voice to invoke change. Sure having a strong personality can help shake things up but the reality is business and political leaders were not born to assume these roles. Someone or many people in their lives told them they could take on these positions and further more they made sure they had plenty of practice.

Can Anyone Be An Outlier?

By definition an outlier is someone or something that is completely different from a particular group. So statistically not everyone will be an outlier but everyone can work toward their goals with the same ferocity and determination. Everyone posses a unique set of skills that if practiced can set them apart from the crew.

Take some time out today to write down your skills and interests. Then fit time to practice or study them in your every day schedule for at least 15 minutes. It will take time to reach that 10,000 hour mark but in the end you will have reached a level of success you did not think possible.

Today I am grateful for time well spent, time well wasted, and time yet to be used.

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