Dressing From The Inside Out

We have all heard a time or two how important it is to dress for the career or life we want. But for the first time this weekend I heard a speech promoting the idea of dressing for the person we are or are striving to be.  That was a concept I really needed to... Continue Reading →

Does Wealth Ensure Happiness?

Many tend to believe that those with money and fame are the happiest people on the planet, but the reality is that it is not quite true. News reports and online editorials will provide a pretty accurate (although exaggerated and some times assumed) details on the drama that unfolds in a public figure or business... Continue Reading →

Realizing what matters most!

People are said to strive for the important things in life. But what are these vital aspects of life that must be acquired? That to me is a difficult question, as people tend to look to society, their families, or their peers for the answer. The truth is what matters most depends on the individual.... Continue Reading →

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