Practicing The Three Ps On A Personal Level

The ability to wholeheartedly exercise patience, to pardon, and to praise others involves actively doing these things on a personal level. Most of us are hardwired or taught to put family, friends, and community before ourselves. But how can you teach without learning, how can you help without practice, and how can you heal if... Continue Reading →

Maneuvering Bumps In The Road

Working toward creating and leading a full life takes time, effort, patience, and the will to persevere. This is especially true when road blocks fall in the path. These bumps in the road, as I like to say, can curtail a dream or worse make you lose faith in your abilities. The best line of... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Go

Within each of us is the ability to purge the unwanted, unnecessary, and unhealthy. For most this skill is buried and takes a conscious effort to bring to the surface. To achieve mastery it is important to practice diligently and regularly. The first step is to decide why you must rid yourself of this particular... Continue Reading →

5 Effective Ways To Say Sorry

"Love means never having to say you're sorry," (~Erich Segal) is not the case in healthy relationships. People make mistakes and part of learning from them is to acknowledge the infraction. Saying sorry is also a step toward healing those who have been hurt. But just saying the words is not enough. The intent and... Continue Reading →

Ways To Make Self-Care a Family Affair

Making the time for self-care can be a chore, especially with to-do lists, play dates, sporting events, and family functions. A hectic schedule does not mean you need to forgo activities that promote mindfulness and relieve stress. The idea of self-care does not have to be carried out in solitude. To ensure you are caring... Continue Reading →

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