Variety in Routine

Even in my adolescence I found establishing and maintaining a routine was extremely important. Being prepared for what is to come helped to leave room for the unexpected and ensure the achievement of ultimate goals. Now as I am in the thick of adulting I am finding there is never enough time in the day,... Continue Reading →

Maneuvering Bumps In The Road

Working toward creating and leading a full life takes time, effort, patience, and the will to persevere. This is especially true when road blocks fall in the path. These bumps in the road, as I like to say, can curtail a dream or worse make you lose faith in your abilities. The best line of... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Go

Within each of us is the ability to purge the unwanted, unnecessary, and unhealthy. For most this skill is buried and takes a conscious effort to bring to the surface. To achieve mastery it is important to practice diligently and regularly. The first step is to decide why you must rid yourself of this particular... Continue Reading →

The Power in Symbolism

People find strength when they need it most in different facets of their life. For many nothing exudes more power, strength, and faith then a symbol. Growing up the cross, rosary beads, and candles worked to carry prayers beyond where the eye can see. For protection some carry the Hamsa or evil eye, which are... Continue Reading →

Learning & Growing From Setbacks

Life is about planning and taking action. Many times results are not what we expected and we can find ourselves feeling like failures. I am continuously listening to podcasts and watching youtube videos created by inspirational and successful professionals who often discuss this very topic. One of many important lessons I have learned is that... Continue Reading →

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