Three States Of Mind

Reading up on various therapeutic techniques dialectical behavioral therapy stood out for its mindful focused ideas. Leading life in the present tense is said to promote a balance between the heart, the mind, and how a person reacts. The three states of mind described by DBT are the reasonable mind, emotional mind, and the wise... Continue Reading →

Finding Personal Freedom

Freedom by definition is a state of existing without restraint or restrictions. Most often people feel a lack of freedom due to responsibilities, obligations, and even society. But the truth is personal freedom is attainable and it starts with an internal examination. This weekend I created and played a game of self-care bingo. The point... Continue Reading →

Symbols That Describe Life’s Challenges & Triumphs

Signs can be seen everywhere. They can guide a person toward a particular path, and provide the motivation to navigate through difficult situations. Symbols are controlled by a person's perception. Thoughts, societal views, and experiences dictate the power found within a emblem, object, image, or occurrence. Culture is another important facet to symbolism and its... Continue Reading →

Maneuvering Bumps In The Road

Working toward creating and leading a full life takes time, effort, patience, and the will to persevere. This is especially true when road blocks fall in the path. These bumps in the road, as I like to say, can curtail a dream or worse make you lose faith in your abilities. The best line of... Continue Reading →

The Power in Symbolism

People find strength when they need it most in different facets of their life. For many nothing exudes more power, strength, and faith then a symbol. Growing up the cross, rosary beads, and candles worked to carry prayers beyond where the eye can see. For protection some carry the Hamsa or evil eye, which are... Continue Reading →

Retail Therapy – Yay or Nay?

Everyone copes with stress differently, and making a purchase or two is just one of many methods.  Utilized in moderation perusing through your favorite website or walking around your department store of choice can be beneficial. Your mind becomes occupied with the array of options, and if you are a comparison shopper like yours truly,... Continue Reading →

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