Retail Therapy – Yay or Nay?

Everyone copes with stress differently, and making a purchase or two is just one of many methods.  Utilized in moderation perusing through your favorite website or walking around your department store of choice can be beneficial. Your mind becomes occupied with the array of options, and if you are a comparison shopper like yours truly,... Continue Reading →

Ways To Make Self-Care a Family Affair

Making the time for self-care can be a chore, especially with to-do lists, play dates, sporting events, and family functions. A hectic schedule does not mean you need to forgo activities that promote mindfulness and relieve stress. The idea of self-care does not have to be carried out in solitude. To ensure you are caring... Continue Reading →

Facing Discrimination

Unfortunately having an encounter with discrimination is a part of our culture. Most are making great strides to eradicating the intolerance toward our differences, but in the meantime it is important to develop skills in dealing with an occurrence. Reading through an earlier editorial from a psychology magazine, I found professionals often come across discrimination... Continue Reading →

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