Mental Health: The Good Talk

As mental health awareness month draws to an end, lets take a moment to recognize the need to practice self-care and the care of others. Normalizing mental health can greatly alter the stigma behind the topic. Everyone, and I mean even the most put together individual has internal conflicts. For some it is a result... Continue Reading →

5 Effective Ways To Say Sorry

"Love means never having to say you're sorry," (~Erich Segal) is not the case in healthy relationships. People make mistakes and part of learning from them is to acknowledge the infraction. Saying sorry is also a step toward healing those who have been hurt. But just saying the words is not enough. The intent and... Continue Reading →

Ways To Make Self-Care a Family Affair

Making the time for self-care can be a chore, especially with to-do lists, play dates, sporting events, and family functions. A hectic schedule does not mean you need to forgo activities that promote mindfulness and relieve stress. The idea of self-care does not have to be carried out in solitude. To ensure you are caring... Continue Reading →

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