Self-Sabotage: Why We Do It, and How To Stop

These past few months have been a time of reflection as I try to understand why I have allowed myself to stop the fruition of my goals. I wanted to start an e-commerce selling body scrubs infused with essential oils. Just as I was ready to hit the button that would launch my online store... Continue Reading →

Finding Personal Freedom

Freedom by definition is a state of existing without restraint or restrictions. Most often people feel a lack of freedom due to responsibilities, obligations, and even society. But the truth is personal freedom is attainable and it starts with an internal examination. This weekend I created and played a game of self-care bingo. The point... Continue Reading →

Quotes That Promote Personal Growth

Studying the great minds of the past and present lead to astounding breakthroughs in the future. The same can be said in an individual's understanding of him or herself. I am partial to words of wisdom by various members of the science of psychology when it comes to mental health. But there is much to... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Be Your Own Therapist

I will begin by saying this is NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH CARE. If you or someone close to you is having a difficult time, I urge you to seek out professional help. Now, there are so many reasons why a person decides to seek the help of a therapist. Most are looking... Continue Reading →

3 Habits of Happy People

People who appear to have it all together and who are consistently joyous are said to have set practices that evolve happiness from more than just a feeling. Happiness for these individuals is a way of life. I aspire to be among this population but for now turning my frown upside down is still a... Continue Reading →

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