Surviving the 9 to 5 Grind

Working in the corporate world has many benefits and just as many drawbacks. Figuring out how you cope with the drawbacks when they seem to out weigh the benefits is the challenge of the day. Lately I find myself struggling with the usual mundane and unfulfilling tasks while also at a loss with starting something... Continue Reading →

Sacrifice For A Greater Purpose

People are often faced with the daunting task of purging something or someone of importance for one reason or another. The hesitation to go through with a break up, change jobs, or relocate manifests mostly out of fear of the unknown. The mind becomes plagued with "what ifs" and although the decision has already been... Continue Reading →

The Power in Symbolism

People find strength when they need it most in different facets of their life. For many nothing exudes more power, strength, and faith then a symbol. Growing up the cross, rosary beads, and candles worked to carry prayers beyond where the eye can see. For protection some carry the Hamsa or evil eye, which are... Continue Reading →

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